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With 171 television stations in 100 markets, Nexstar Media Group is the largest TV station operator in the country. But we are more than that. We’re also a technology company. Along with a broad range of broadcast opportunities, Nexstar staffs a growing and diversified digital media operation encompassing content management and mobile platforms, content marketing, targeted advertising products, and strategic digital design and advertising operations. From newsroom to sales to operations to digital technology, joining Nexstar Nation offers unlimited opportunities for your career endeavors.


We respect our audience, customers, employees, and owners. We encourage every individual’s contributions and personal growth. We honor diversity. We foster work environments that provide personal pride through job satisfaction and balanced life. We embrace the communities in which we operate. We promote open communications, innovation, and creativity. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors. We are in the local content business, providing multiple platforms for news, entertainment, and successful marketing solutions, enriching each community we serve. Each of our television stations is a local service business.


With markets ranging from small to major, Nexstar has a place for every experience level. Whether you’re just starting your broadcasting career or ready to make the leap into a larger market, Nexstar offers a broad range of opportunities. And that same market diversity allows Nexstar to give employees room to grow and progress in their careers. As your experience, ability, talent, and ambition grow, so will your options within Nexstar Nation.


We at Nexstar pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide for employees to give back to their communities. On our 20th anniversary in June 2016, we didn’t throw a party. Instead, Nexstar employees fanned out across the country to contribute thousands of hours of community service. It was an employee-driven effort focused on local non-profits and charities. This inaugural “Founders Day of Caring” is just one of the many service opportunities for Nexstar Nation employees.


Internships With NBC4

The WCMH-TV internship programs augment the educational development of those studying for careers in broadcasting. This is accomplished by creating opportunities for students enrolled in institutions of higher learning to gain experience in the station’s day-to-day operations.


A. Participants will not accrue any benefits or salary and it is required that students receive college credit for internship participation (no exceptions).
B. Ordinarily, the duration of participation by any one student shall not exceed one semester or another single segment of a school term or related course.
C. Interns should spend time working in all phases of the function they are in.
D. Interns shall not serve for more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week.
E. The department coordinator will provide a specific description of the curriculum.


Be at least 18 years of age.
Be enrolled in an accredited college or university.
Be eligible to earn course credits for the internship. Submit an application signed by their advisor stating the number of applicable credit hours Prior to the start of the internship.


Send your resume and cover letter to WCMHHR2@nexstar.tv. You will need to indicate your choice of the department and the dates you are interested to complete your internship. Resumes are continually accepted throughout the year.

Due to the high volume of resumes we receive, we regret that we will only be able to respond to those students with whom we have an interest. The student may work during the Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer college quarters/semesters full-time or part-time based on student availability and department needs.

Due to the high volume of resumes we receive, we regret that we will only be able to respond to those students with whom we have an interest. The student may work during the Fall, Spring, or Summer college semesters full-time or part-time based on student availability and department needs.

NBC4 understands that each college and university is on a different schedule. The internship dates are flexible and will be determined between the intern and the internship coordinator. The following are typical dates of most internships:

Fall: August-December
Spring: January – May
Summer: May-August


Content: General Assignment: Students participating in the internship program in the News Department become knowledgeable in many aspects of the News operation. The interns will interact and assist with the assignment editors by researching stories, making police checks, and answering phones. Additionally, interns will spend time with producers in the newsroom and the control room, learning how a newscast is assembled and broadcast. There will also be ample opportunity to interact with the Anchors of the newscasts as well as assist Reporters in the field. In some situations, an intern may be assigned to work with one function of the Newsroom such as Sports.

Revenue: Sales internships that incorporate the basics of broadcast marketing and Sales with the experiences a veteran staff can deliver. The intern will become an integral part of the NBC 4 and NBC4i.com Sales team. Interns will have the opportunity to evaluate a career in media sales and gather a broad range of knowledge and skills from experiences in the office and in the field. We expect students to be inquisitive, proactive, and enthusiastic.

Marketing: Interns will expand their writing skills by writing promotional and public service announcement copy and press releases.

They will assist with the coordination of station events and assisting at events including Firefighters for Kids Toy Drive, NBC4 Shred-it Day, and Red, White & BOOM!

Interns will be involved in productions by assisting marketing producers on video shoots, creating graphics using After Effects and PhotoShop, and editing on Adobe Premiere, if applicable.

Interns will explore the functions of all departments by spending one or more days in the content, operations, and sales departments. They will also spend one day with the crew of “Daytime Columbus.”

Interns are responsible for sending their hours each week and a weekly report, summarizing what they did that week.

Evaluation: The evaluation will be completed during the last week of the internship with feedback from producers and managers.

Feedback will be provided to the intern throughout the internship.

Operations/Production: Daytime Columbus is WCMH-NBC4 TV’s daily advo-tainment program. The Daytime team may accept up to three interns every semester. Interns will get a close look at what it takes to coordinate and produce a talk show. Because the show combines sales and production, candidates are preferred to be focusing on production, marketing, journalism, or PR at a college level. Interns will experience: coordinating client relations, recruiting clients, and some basic observation of negotiating sales contracts. In addition, they will learn about and may have the opportunity to participate in behind-the-scenes television production, editing, and programming as well as the streaming and posting of video content on the web. Interns will be required to work up to 15 hours per week. The production schedule for this show necessitates availability from 9 a.m.-noon 2-5 days per week. All majors are encouraged to apply. Interns must be reliable, take initiative, and have a passion for learning new aspects of advertising, client relations, event planning, television production, and/or programming and editing.

Duties: Assist the Daytime Team (Host, Producer, Associate Producer, Director, and/or production team) with the planning, preparation, and execution of the daily live broadcast. Duties may include: escorting clients, explaining the production process to clients, assisting with studio setup, and learning non-linear edit processes.

Requirements: Current enrollment in a two or four-year program. The preferred focus of study in: Production, Journalism, Marketing, Sales/Business, PR

The Daytime Associate Producer is assigned as the student mentor.

Interactive: Interns work with the nbc4i.com multimedia content team researching, and gathering content for the station’s digital platforms. There are also opportunities to work with the station’s Multimedia Content Manager in the News Department on web design and content creation. Additional opportunities exist based on the intern’s skill and ability. Ideal interns will focus on interactive or multimedia journalism with at least one year of working with a college/university media outlet.

Finance: Interns will learn and apply basic finance and accounting principles within the context of a “real world” business scenario. Interns will have the opportunity to make judgments on finance and accounting decisions and defend those decisions to the VP of Finance.

Human Resources: HR’s greatest value is to help the business become more competitive. This is accomplished by ensuring that four critical mandates: business partner, change agent, infrastructure expert and employee champion are fulfilled. An internship opportunity within the Human Resource Department will provide the opportunity to build the competencies necessary for a successful career. The Intern will work on various projects and audits as well as get exposure to the daily tasks of the HR department.

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