Today: Sunshine, warmer. High 67
Tonight: Mainly clear, chilly. Low 41
Tuesday: Mostly sunny, increasing clouds later, warm. High 66
Wednesday: Partly sunny. High 63 (45)
Veterans Day: Cloudy, breezy, chance of rain PM. High 65 (48)


We made it to a mild high in the low 60s yesterday and after a chilly start this morning we will likely warm up even more today.  High pressure centered over the Tennessee Valley is still the main weather feature here.  Skies are mostly clear. The air is nearly calm. That means a few areas of patchy fog are possible this morning in river valleys.  In the meantime temperatures will drop to within a few degrees of 35.

This forecast will sound familiar too. It will be sunny and unseasonably warm… again.  Highs will be around 3-degrees warmer than yesterday.  That will make the high about 10-degrees above the “normal” high of 56. Remember the temperatures starts heading for the morning low earlier with sunset now at 5:21 this afternoon, thanks to our return to Eastern Standard Time. The low will be above normal by a couple degrees, around 40.

Warm weather with sunshine continues tomorrow but clouds will increase late day and Tuesday night with a weak system in the lower Great Lakes.   Expect breaks in the overcast thanks to high pressure in the lower Lakes Wednesday.

Thursday, Veterans Day, will be wet as a front tracks across the Buckeye State. Though Thursday will still be mild, cooler air will track into the region behind the cold front. Friday will start wet and end up with highs in the normal range, the mid-50s. Temperatures will be below normal Saturday and Sunday with a lingering chance of showers.

Happy Monday!