With heavy rain on the way, I wanted to make sure to go over the difference between a flood and a flash flood.  

A flood is anytime that water overflows onto normally dry land. 

A flash flood, on the other hand is a flood that happens due to heavy or excessive rainfall that happens in a short period of time, generally in less than 6 hours. 

On a day where flooding is possible, it’s also important to go over the difference between a watch and warning. Remember that a watch means that conditions are favorable, and you should prepare for flood conditions. 

A warning on the other hand means that the weather event is imamate or actively occurring.  The time to prepare is over, and you need to be taking action. 

Sometime the best action that you can take is just avoiding the flood.  Especially when it is actively raining, rapid rises in water can be dangerous, even life threatening. All it takes is 6 inches of moving water to sweep away a person.  Once water levels reach 12 inches it can carry away a vehicle, and 18-24 inches is enough to carry away large cars and SUVs. 

Because flooding can be so dangerous, it is important to make sure that you are staying weather aware. Some ways that you can do this is by downloading the NBC4 mobile weather app right onto your smartphone, checking for weather updates on NBC4i.com/weather or watching NBC4 News live.