Severe Threats:

More rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast this evening.

Most of Central Ohio, including Columbus will be under a marginal risk for thunderstorms becoming severe.

The larger threat for severe storms will be to the south stretching into states like Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.

The biggest threat with any of these storms that become strong or severe will be wind.

In order for wind to be considered severe, it means gusts reaching at least 58 mph. While this will not be the case with all thunderstorms, even wind gusts below the severe threshold can be very impactful.

There will also be a chance for hail with some of the stronger thunderstorms.

Not all of the hail will be severe, meaning 1 inch in diameter or larger, but could still have impacts on the evening drive.

We’ll watch stronger storms for any sign of rotation, however the threat for a tornado is very low, less than 2%, for the region.

More instability, however will be available to the south.

This will result in an increased chance for strong storms capable of producing a tornado in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi as well as into Tennessee, Georgia and parts of Kentucky.


Don’t put the rain gear away too far!

This afternoon, a system pushed a round of rain showers and thunderstorms in from the south.

This evening, a separate system, a cold front, will move in from the west and bring in more rain and thunderstorms.

Before the front moves into the area, we will spend the early afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds and temperatures rebounding to the mid 70s. As temperatures rise in the afternoon, we will naturally have more instability, which will act as fuel for thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms will continue to bubble up ahead of the evening drive.

A more defined line of rain and thunderstorms will move toward the I-71 corridor around 6 p.m. thanks to the cold front.

As described above, some thunderstorms could be strong to severe with wind and hail as the primary threats.

With this potential for strong storms, make sure that you have multiple ways to get alerts about watches and warnings.

While colder, drier air will be quickly be filling in Tuesday night, we cannot rule out more showers and thunderstorms.

The early morning drive will be soggy as leftover rain showers fill in behind the front.

With colder air in place thanks to thanks to a northwest shift in wind behind the cold front, we will have less instability early Wednesday morning, and will lose the chance for thunderstorms.

As the morning goes on, our attention will shift from rain to clearing and a much cooler midweek.

Remember that you can stay up to date with the latest weather forecast by watching NBC4 or checking out the NBC4 mobile weather app.