Now is the time to review your plan for severe weather


March 20 is the first day of spring.  Even though the weather was calm Monday, the weather changes very rapidly in central Ohio, which is why the time to review your plan for severe weather is now. 

Brian Hoyt with Columbus Rec & Sports said, “It’s Ohio.  So, spring, summer, we need to prepare for everything.”

Which means that you have to have a plan in place now, before the weather gets bad. 
And this includes knowing where to go if you’re outside at a sporting event.

“What we ask people not to do: we don’t want people going under trees, we don’t want people sheltering in the dugouts.  We’ve got buildings in a lot of our complexes, that’s where we want them to go.   Let’s wait for the weather to pass.”,” Hoyt said. 

But what if you’re on the road?

Matt Bruning, ODOT press secretary said, “Staying in the car is not a good option.  Cars will easily be flipped by high winds,  tornadoes, so that is not where you want to be.”

And trying to shelter under a bridge or overpass can be the most dangerous place to stop. 
Not only will you slow down traffic, but these become wind tunnels with fast moving air and debris.  

“Your best bet is to find a public location like a gas station.  Something like that can shelter you, and obviously you want to put as many walls between you and the tornado as you can,” Bruning said. 

And if you can’t find a structure to take cover in, your next best bet is a low lying area like a ditch.

Jeff Young, Director Franklin County EMA said, “That provides the best protection.  Try to shield yourself from flying debris.  So lay flat on the ground, cover your head, anything that is going to provide you with the most protection as possible.”

It’s extra important this time of year to make sure that you are staying very weather aware before you head out and have multiple ways to get severe weather alerts.  

One way to stay up to date is downloading the free NBC 4 Wx app, and watching for updates on 

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