If I were to ask you what you remember most about November 2022 weather wise what would you say?

  • It was warm.
  • It was cold.
  • It was bright.
  • It was gray.
  • It was wet.
  • It was dry.
  • It was average.

All of these are true. Yes, all. While I am being generous with the “average” term, this month will be looked at as a generally middle-of-the-pack kind of temperature month here in central Ohio. We did indeed start the month off with a roaring 11 straight days of above-normal temperatures.

Then all of a sudden our good fortunes of mild autumn air came to a crashing end as we then strung off 11 straight days of below-normal temperatures. To be fair, the 11th day (the 22nd of the month) was only 1° below normal, and the next day was only 1° above normal, so basically right about where we should be.

The warmest day of the month was Nov. 5, with a high of 77° and a low of 62°, an average temp of 70° a whole 23° above normal for that date! The coldest day of the month came 15 days later on Nov. 20, when we only hit 30° for the high and 17° for the low, an average temp of only 24°, a whole 18° below normal.

By the time we got to the 22nd of the month, our monthly average temperature was sitting less than 1 degree above normal for the entire month, after peaking at nearly +12° above normal during the first week of the month.

We started with the 11 days above, then 11 days below, and we closed the month with eight straight days above normal again. Again, if we take out the there days where we were within 1° of average and call them “average” days, we still had 17 days above normal, 10 below normal, and 3 normal days this month.

When you look at the data, our average high temp for this month sits at 54.6° (+2.3°), and our average low at 36.0° (+1.0°), which sits us at +1.7° for the entire month. More like slightly above normal, but still close. But at 45.3° average temp for the month, this will be the 28th warmest November on record since 1878.

Was it gray or bright?

Both actually. Of the 30 days this month, 20% or 6 days were considered clear or mostly clear days, fairly impressive for this time of the year; 40% or 12 of the days were considered to be partly cloudy or mixed clouds. That means that 3/5ths of the month saw a good deal of sunshine, again not a small feat in November. The other 40% saw mostly cloudy or cloudy days, which does make sense.

Wet or dry, snowy, or not?

Let’s start with the snow question, and it was a lot more not than anything else. We did have 2 days with measurable snow, 0.2″ and 0.1″ for a total of 0.3″ for the month, 0.9″ below normal. There were 4 other days that reported flurries, so in total 6 days of the 30 or 20% of the days had at least flurries, so in that context, it was a little snowy, a little.

As far as precipitation and rainfall goes, it was a less-than-impressive month. Normally we pick up 2.79″ in November. This one will fall short with 2.34″, 0.45″ below normal. 10 days out of the 30, or 33% had some form of measurable precipitation fall. Interesting, however, one of those days, the 11th saw record rainfall for the date of 1.14″ in Columbus.

In fact, this reading at the airport was much lower than other locations tallied in the area. This day of record rainfall erased a good chunk of the “moderate drought” in the state, at least for a bit.