COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — NBC4 is inviting viewers to welcome Storm Team 4’s newest meteorologist, Bryan Still.

Still comes to NBC4 from our sister station in south Texas, but he is a Buckeye at heart. Having settled in Columbus at around 11 years old, Still’s life has been continuously connected with the city, gravitating back even after temporary departures.

On his most recent return, he took notice of the evolving landscape on a trip through the suburb where he spent his formative years.

“It’s been nice driving down Main Street in Reynoldsburg and just seeing how it’s continued to grow and seeing how the rest of the city has continued to grow and knowing that I’ve sort of grown along with it for the majority of my life,” said Still.

Still especially appreciated a new piece of public art.

“One of my favorite changes that I’ve seen in Reynoldsburg was the installation of an art mural that depicted the city’s history,” said Still. “It is a beautiful work of art and my absolute favorite detail is seeing the tomatoes, since Reynoldsburg is the birthplace of the tomato.”

The visit would not have been complete without dropping into a revered local eatery.

“I absolutely needed to grab a slice of pizza from Vick’s Pizza,” said Still. “It’s an institution in Reynoldsburg and one of the tastiest reminders that I am home.”

NBC’s newest forecaster also had time to visit his Reynoldsburg High School choir teacher, Kristy Reed. Still revealed the subject became a passion of his, allowing him to use it as a “therapy” where he can “ignore some of the craziness” in the world.

“He sang in my choir here for three years,” recalled Reed. “Brian liked to come to the athletic events. I know he attended the football games, basketball games and was certainly enjoyed school spirit and showing his spirit for the school.”

After high school, Still continued his educational journey in central Ohio, at Columbus State Community College before transferring to the Ohio State University, where he refined his meteorology skills.

“The forecasting skills I developed there have prepared me to start my career in meteorology,” Still said of OSU.

Now, he is poised to use all of his experience to provide accurate and dependable weather forecasts for central Ohio viewers.

“I’m excited to be able to help bring some of the skills that I’ve developed just from everywhere I’ve worked and my knowledge of the area and sort of hone that into a message and to people that I know so well to say, ‘Here is your weather,’” said Still. “I want to know that they can trust me. I know they can trust all of Storm Team 4 and their best interest is always in my mind to make sure that they have what they need in order to make their plans.”