Columbus (WCMH) – I mentioned it last week on air, but it is an important happiness turning point, the 6pm sunset!The days (based on daylight) have been getting longer for more than a month and a half:

  • Our earliest sunset was at 5:07pm on the 15th of December.   Since then, we have picked up 50 minutes of daylight in the evening already.
  • Our latest sunset was at 7:54am, as late as the first few days of January, since we have gained about 20 mins of daylight in the morning
  • We will have a 6:00pm sunset on Wednesday (2/8) of this week
  • We will have a 7:00pm or later (7:36pm) on March 12th
  • We will have a 8:00pm sunset on April 4th
  • We will have a 9:00pm sunset on June 10th
  • Our latest sunset occurs at the end of June (for several days) at 9:05pm

How much sunlight do we gain or lose each month?

  • In March we gain the most daylight, 80 minutes
  • In September we lost the most daylight, 76 minutes
  • We gain the most time in the evening in March from start to finish at 92 minutes (but we also spring ahead an hour)
  • In March the sunrises earlier at the start of the month than at the end because of Daylight Saving Time
  • In April we gain the most time in the morning at 43 minutes (we gain 48 in March, but Spring ahead an hour)
  • In October we lose the most time in the morning at 31 minutes (we lose 33 in November, but gain back 60 because of Daylight Saving Time)
  • In September we lose the most time in the evening at 48 minutes

For the record… Daylight Saving Time:

Yes, technically speaking, March 12th is the shortest actual day of the year for most (not everyone observes the time change) Americans, at just a 23 hour day.  On the flip side, November 5th will be the longest day of the year for most at 25 hours long.

  • Starts March 12th at 2am (Spring ahead an hour)
  • Ends November 5th at 2am (Fall back an hour)

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