An analysis published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology and The Journal of Politics revealed some interesting correlations between weather, voter turnout and even who is more likely to win a race on election day.

The study that warmer weather can lead to a higher voter turnout.

In fact, a rise in 1.8°F degrees can increase turnout by about 1 and a half percent. The study also showed that warmer election days tend to favor the incumbent.

The study also looked at whether rain and snow had an impact.

Not surprisingly, wet or snowy days tend to have a lower voter turnout. They found that the number of people coming out to cast their ballot is lowered by about 1 percent per inch of rainfall, and that 1 inch of snow can lower turnout by about half of one percent.

And, on those rainy and snowy election days, it’s usually the republican party that gets more votes.

While these are some interesting correlations, you’ll have to stay tuned to NBC4 and for the latest on election results as they come in.