Fall weather can mean just about any combination of weather, which can make planning for outdoor activities like celebrating Halloween tricky.

For reference, normal temperatures for Oct. 31 in Columbus, Ohio, are early morning lows around 40 degrees and an afternoon high of 59. But we’ve seen several extremes around that mark since record keeping began in 1878.

The warmest Halloween ever recorded in Columbus was 83 in 1950. The warmest night for trick-or treaters was in 1919 when lows only fell to 61.

While warmer Halloween is often a welcome change, extreme cold is not. In 1906, high temperatures only reached 38, which is 2 degrees colder than normal lows this time of year. But that’s still much more comfortable than the record setting 20 degree low that was set on Halloween 1887.

It’s not just the temperatures can be extreme on Halloween, but we could see sunshine, rain or even snow.

The wettest Halloween on record for Columbus, was just a few years ago. You might remember even having to change up your costume to include the rain gear in 2019 when we picked up just over 1.5 inches of rain.

Nine years have reported at least a trace of snowfall in Columbus Ohio, with the most recent in 2019. While Oct. 31 is nearly a month ahead of normal for the first measurable snow in Columbus, the Halloween of 1993 holds the record of snowiest Halloween after 1 inch of fresh powder was recorded.

Since trick or treat dates and times vary in different communities, it’s important to make sure that you’re weather aware before you head out.  One of the best ways to do that is downloading our NBC4 mobile weather app or checking nbc4i.com/weather.