Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Clouds building, high 59
  • Tonight: Mostly cloudy, low 43
  • Saturday: Cloudy, isolated shower, high 60
  • Sunday: Partly cloudy, high 62
  • Monday: Showers late, high 66
  • Tuesday: Isolated showers, high 64


Good Friday afternoon!

We’re continuing our sunny and warm trend through the end of the work week! Temperatures will reach just below 60 degrees with a sunny start to the day. However, while the weekend will get a little warmer, sunshine will start to fade away.

Southerly flow will continue to bump our temperatures up to the lower 60s over the weekend. However, the faster wind speeds will add a bit of a wind chill. Clouds building Friday night will stick around for most of the weekend. While both Saturday and Sunday will remain mostly dry, there is the chance to see an isolated shower for the second half of Saturday.

Don’t forget this weekend to set the clocks back an hour Sunday morning! Daylight Saving Time comes to an end, giving us that extra hour of sleep and a shift to earlier sunrises and sunsets heading into Winter.

Next week keeps getting warmer, at least through the first half of it. Temperatures are in the mid 60s for Monday and Tuesday, but there are steadier chances of seeing stray showers for those days. A front pushes through on Wednesday that gives more of a scattered chance for rain that lingers into Thursday.

Temperatures begin to see a gradual decline next week. Monday will be the warmest at 66 with Tuesday not getting much cooler. After Wednesday’s bout of rain along a front, we’re dropping down to the mid to upper 50s by the end of the week.