Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Partly cloudy & warmer, high 79
  • Tonight: Mostly clear, patchy fog late, 57
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny, high 81 (57)
  • Monday: Sunny skies, high 83 (58)
  • Tuesday: Mainly Sunny, high 84 (59)
  • Wednesday: Sunny & warm, high 84 (60)


This weekend will start a change in our weather pattern. Saturday, the last day of September, will be partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s. Tonight we expect another round of patchy fog to develop in spots, otherwise skies will be mostly clear. Lows will drop to the upper 50s.

A center of high pressure will begin to build over the region. This will be the driving force that keeps our weather quiet and dry to start October. We will also continue to see our temperatures rise and give the new month a bit of a summer feel.

Sunday will be mostly sunny during the day with a very light wind. Highs will crack the 80 degree mark. This will be nearly 10 degrees above normal for this time of year, but still well short of any record. Despite the warmer temps, the humidity will stay in check. This means it will still feel mostly comfortable for any outdoor activities. Skies will remain clear going into Sunday night with lows in the upper 50s.

The start of the work week continues to warm up as well. Mainly sunny skies will stick around as highs reach the low 80s. We will stay mostly sunny for the majority of the work week. Everything will change Friday when a cold front is expected to arrive and drop our temperatures back down to the low 70s. It will also bring the chance for some rain showers.


High pressure in the Mid-Atlantic region allowed a southerly flow of very warm and moderately humid air into Ohio.

A weak cold front will slip south overnight, with a wind shift to the north and patchy clouds. Little will change in the weather, other than a very slight cooling early in the week, though highs will reach the upper 80s in central Ohio.

A stray shower could develop midweek, but the chance for rain will be limited beneath sprawling high pressure. Skies will be partly sunny.

Thursday and Friday will bring the hottest weather since early June, when we last saw readings in the mid-90s in central Ohio, along with uncomfortable humidity levels.

The chance of a few scattered showers and storms will increase ahead of a cold front late Friday that will bring a significant drop in temperature next weekend.


  • Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 70
  • Monday: Partly sunny, more humid. High 90
  • Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 87 (67)
  • Wednesday: Partly sunny, stray storm possible. High 89 (68)
  • Thursday: Hot sunshine, sticky. High 95 (72)
  • Friday: Hot, humid, scattered storms p.m. High 91 (74)
  • Saturday: Partly sunny, much cooler. High 79 (68)
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 78 (56)