Don’t expect it to feel anything like May until late in the holiday weekend.

Low pressure tracking across southern Ohio was accompanied by occasional showers and a few storms. The system is now along the East Coast, shifting the bulk of the rain east, with gusty north winds wrapping around the system. Sprinkles will persist into Saturday morning.

Temperatures started off in the 65- to 70-degree range, and mid-70s south of a warm front in the southern part of the state Friday, before falling into the low 50s by evening behind a cold front and surge of chilly air.

Showers will linger Saturday with a trailing upper low that will keep the weather gray and chilly. Temperatures will struggling to rise much past 50 degrees–about 25 degrees below normal.

The rest of the holiday weekend should be brighter, with clouds giving way to some sun Sunday, but temperatures will still be cooler than normal, with highs in the mid-60s. Memorial Day will be sunny and pleasant.


  • Tonight: Showers, breezy, cooler. Low 46
  • Saturday: Few showers, gray, chilly. High 54
  • Sunday: Mix clouds and sun, cool. High 65 (48)
  • Memorial Day: Mostly sunny. High 73 (47)
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny, mild. High 78 (55)
  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, few showers, storms. High 76 (58)
  • Thursday: Scattered showers, storms. High 79 (62)