Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Tonight: Scattered showers, low 63
  • Friday: Showers, cooler, high 72
  • Saturday: Breezy, sprinkle, high 57
  • Sunday: Cooler sunshine, high 55
  • Monday: Partly cloudy, high 61


Good Thursday evening!

Stray showers have started pushing into Central Ohio as Thursday comes to a close. As the day starts to wind down, even more rain will move in with cooler air closely following behind.

Back to back cold fronts are pushing into the state as we get closer to the weekend. The first one is bringing in the wet weather and some slightly cooler air. Rain will continue to increase in coverage as we go through Thursday night and into Friday. Rain will still be around on Friday, but we’re switching to a more on/off chance for the evening.

The second front is bringing in additional cool air and we’ll see that start to settle in over the weekend. Temperatures for Friday will drop to the lower 70s – seasonable for this time of year. For Saturday, we plummet down to the mid 50s. Saturday still carries a stray chance of a shower in the afternoon. For the Buckeyes game on Saturday, it’ll be cool, cloudy, and windy with that stray chance of a shower.

The rest of the weekend will start to dry out with winds calming down as well. Temperatures will still be well below average, in the mid 50s, with cloudy skies. The following week starts to recover a little more as we get sunshine back in the forecast and temperatures returning to the 60s.