Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Tonight: Mostly cloudy, low 60
  • Tuesday: Evening stray shower, high 75
  • Wednesday: Rain & rumbles, high 74
  • Thursday: Scattered showers, high 72
  • Friday: Clouds clearing, high 75


Good Monday evening!

For the first week of Fall, some much needed rain has found its way back to Central Ohio. Some drizzle and cloud cover for the start of the week will give way to scattered showers, and even some storms, later on this week.

Clouds remain overnight into the start of Tuesday. We get a couple of glimpses throughout the day, but clouds will still remain steady. By Tuesday evening, a couple of stray showers will push into our area.

Our biggest chance for rain will come on Wednesday. A low pressure center slides just to our south, but a good bit of moisture will sit over Central Ohio. Scattered showers and even a couple of thunderstorms will develop in the second half of the day. Areas in the southwestern part of Central Ohio are at a 1/5 risk of seeing strong to severe storms develop.

Scattered showers are still steady for Thursday, but the second half of the week will go through a drying trend. Temperatures will dip to the lower 70s when most of our rain is here. As we dry out, we start to warm back up.

Another sunny weekend lines up for Central Ohio. Plenty of sunshine, and dry weather, returns for Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will climb back up to the upper 70s. We keep this trend going into the first week of October.