Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Few evening showers, high 57
  • Tonight: Decreasing clouds, low 37
  • Wednesday: Partly cloudy, high 59
  • Thursday: Late showers, high 63
  • Friday: Scattered showers, high 63
  • Saturday: Chance of showers, high 66


Good Tuesday afternoon!

Temperatures get a little bit warmer for Tuesday. We should make it to the mid to upper 50s across Central Ohio, but that still puts us a decent bit below average. Clouds will be pretty steady throughout the day. We eventually see a couple of scattered showers move in as well.

Rain chances will be pretty steady for counties north of I-70 once again today. Best chance to see wet weather will be around this evening. Closer to midnight, a cluster of showers moves across all of Central Ohio before we dry out later tonight.

We finally get some sunshine by the middle of this week! Wednesday and the first half of Thursday will be dry with a good mixture of sunshine and clouds. Temperatures will have finally reached the lower 60s around this time.

Just as quickly as we sunshine move in, it’ll move right back out. Back to back low pressure centers will fill the end of this week and the weekend with a good bit of rain. The first system moves in by the end of Thursday and brings a steady amount of showers for most of Friday.

The second system moves in by the middle of the weekend. Sunday will be our rainiest day as some heavy showers move in along the stronger system. Showers start to taper off by that following Monday.

With back to back cold fronts, our warming trend will come to a quick end. We manage the mid 60s to start off the weekend, but will end up in the lower 50s to start the following week.