Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Tonight: Near overcast, low 55
  • Tuesday: Clearing skies, high 65
  • Wednesday: Isolated evening shower, high 66
  • Thursday: Showers early, high 64
  • Friday: Clearing, cooler, high 53


Good Monday evening!

It’s been a very nice start to the work week. Temperatures climbed just shy of 70 degrees Monday afternoon with a mostly cloudy setup. For those who waited to vote until Tuesday, the weather won’t be a problem on Election Day.

Clouds remain steady for Monday night, preventing temperatures from cooling off too much. There is the slightest chance of rain shortly after sundown. A boundary over Lake Erie will push south overnight with isolated showers moving down with it. Most of us remain dry into the start of Election Day.

Temperatures on Tuesday start in the mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies. As the day goes on, the skies start to clear up and temperatures climb. We get a little more sunshine in the afternoon up until the polls close. Temperatures at their warmest climb to the mid 60s once again.

Rain becomes more of an issue by the middle of the week. Several fronts will funnel scattered rain chances in by Tuesday night and through Wednesday. We see a final push of rain along a cold front by the end of the week that leaves sunshine by the weekend. Temperatures will start to cool down to the lower 50s.