Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Tonight: Slow clearing, morning patchy fog, low 62
  • Wednesday: Decreasing clouds, high 79
  • Thursday: Sunny, late showers, high 84
  • Friday: Clearing, cooler, high 79
  • Saturday: Warmer, sunnier, high 84


Good Tuesday night!

As we approach midnight, some of the last few showers will finally move out. Clouds will still be relatively steady into Wednesday morning with some fog developing as well.

Skies will clear throughout the middle of the week. By Wednesday afternoon, a bit more sunshine will start to creep in as temperatures try warming to the upper 70s. We’re back in the 80s by Thursday with a couple of clouds. A weak line of showers will push in very late in the day, mostly overnight, on Thursday. That will slightly cool us to the lower 80s/upper 70s by Friday, but sunshine will quickly fill back in.

A truly pleasant setup takes hold for the end of the week and the weekend. High pressure settles into the Midwest and won’t let go, even through the start of next week. Plenty of sunshine funnels in over the weekend. Temperatures will steadily climb as well. We’re in the mid 80s on Saturday and pushing into the lower 90s by Sunday.

Going into the start of next week, we’re beginning a stretch of warmer than normal days. Temperatures are in the lower 90s for Sunday, but we’re bumping up a degree or two for each day of the start of next week. By next Tuesday, we’re trying to climb all the way up to the mid 90s!