Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Tonight: Scattered storms, low 71
  • Thursday: Early rain, hot & humid, high 95
  • Friday: Isolated storm, high 90
  • Saturday: Clearing, mild, high 86
  • Sunday: Sunny, comfortable, high 80


Good Wednesday evening!

We’re starting to get a taste of tomorrow’s intense heat! “Feels-like” temperatures have already pushed into the 90s for Wednesday afternoon across most of Central Ohio. By Thursday, we could see those numbers jump to 100 and above.

Stray showers are still building off to our east through Wednesday afternoon. We will likely skip out on those, but another round after midnight and through Thursday morning could move into our skies. Those will likely move along the far eastern edge of our area, skipping out on most of Central Ohio. There’s enough fuel for them to turn stronger, so you could get some powerful winds and heavy rain with these storms.

Temperatures are still expected to ramp up to intense numbers. Thursday’s high will settle into the mid to lower 90s across Central Ohio, becoming the hottest day of the year for Columbus when you just factor in the temperature. The early wet weather could play a part in dampening some of the heat. There is still an Excessive Heat Watch issued for Thursday afternoon/evening, but that will likely change after we see how the rain will move.

“Feels-like” temperatures are still expected to reach above 100 degrees for Thursday. Southwesterly flow will funnel in more humid air. The humidity combined with the high temperatures will make the day feel miserable and oppressively hot. Temperature cool through the rest of the week as stray chances for showers bounce in and out of our skies.

Back to back cold fronts cool us off just in time for the weekend. We’re in the lower 80s over the weekend with drier and sunnier air. Thankfully, we get to keep that pattern going into the start of next week!