Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Hazy sunshine, high 78
  • Tonight: Mainly clear, low 54
  • Saturday: Few clouds, some haze, high 84
  • Sunday: Showers later, high 83
  • Monday: Showers & rumbles, high 75
  • Tuesday: Sct’d showers, high 75


Happy Friday!

Expect another day with haze in the skies as our northerly flow continues sending smoke from wildfires in Eastern Canada. We will see sunshine, with only a few clouds out, but some of that is likely to be blocked by the haze, arriving in waves throughout the day. If you are in the more sensitive groups for air quality, limit time outdoors again today. Highs will be a couple of degrees warmer this afternoon, topping out in the upper 70s.

For Saturday, our winds shift more westerly, and eventually southwesterly. This should bring us from poor air quality, to more fair conditions across the region, pushing some of this smoke to our east. Expect sunshine with a few clouds, and temperatures in the middle 80s.

We start Sunday off dry, with our southerly wind really kicking in, which should continue to improve air quality. Highs top out in the low to middle 80s. A cold front then looks to arrive late Sunday and into Monday. This will bring us some more widespread rain through this timeframe, helping to cleanse our air, and giving us some much-needed moisture.

Expect rain to continue into Monday morning, with scattered showers the rest of Monday afternoon. Highs drop back to the middle 70s, and the breeze kicks in.

Breezy conditions linger into Tuesday, with highs in the middle 70s. We’ll see occasional showers through the midweek.