• Tonight: Showers end early, turning partly cloudy, low 45
  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, high 61
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny, high 65
  • Friday: Sunny skies, cool start, high 70
  • Saturday: Partly sunny, few showers southeast late, high 70


Good Tuesday Evening,

It has been a chilly late October-like day today with cold rain showers across the area, and breezy conditions knocking temps back from our highs near 60 into the 50s for most of the day. The showers will pivot around the area this evening and exit as skies will clear up a bit again, and temps fall to the lower to middle 40s.

Wednesday expect a fair amount of cloud cover to follow in the wake of today’s energy. The clouds and the lighter northwest flow should keep temps similar to today in the lower 60s for highs. I expect skies to star to clear by Wednesday night with temps falling to the lower to middle 40s.

Thursday should be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and highs back in the middle 60s, still about 8-10 degrees below normal, but heading in the right direction. We will see more sunshine on Friday after another chilly start, temps will climb back to near 70. This will set us up for temps in the mid to upper 60s at kickoff for the Football Friday Nite games Friday night with readings dropping into the 50s during the games.

Saturday clouds will increase as temps will remain near 70. We will see at a minimum more clouds coming in from the southeast as the northern fringe of the remnants of Hurricane Ian make their way up the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This may lead to some breezy showers in our far east/southeast counties late on Saturday.

Again, as this system weakens, we will be on the northwest fringe on Sunday and may have some showers to contend with before this system moves out. The best chances will be in our southeast and eastern counties for Sunday. Highs should remain closer to normal around 70.

As we head into next week, things will get a bit brighter for Monday and Tuesday with partly cloudy skies Monday and mixed clouds on Tuesday, and highs remaining in the lower 70s. It is important to note, that already we are seeing short term shifts in the path of Ian, and these have major short term impacts on our friends in Florida, but have larger potential shifts long term.

While a jog of 5 degrees may see very minor in 6-12 hours, when we start to get 4-7 days out, that jog becomes much more pronounced, and could produce a large shift in our late weekend forecast. This will be something we monitor very closely over the next 5 days.