Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Showers and windy, high 46
  • Tonight: Scattered showers, low 39
  • Tuesday: More showers, high 47
  • Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, high 52
  • Thursday: Partly cloudy, high 63
  • Friday: More sunshine, high 67


Good Monday afternoon!

We’re at the start of the new month and it certainly isn’t feeling like it should! A low-pressure center in the Great Lakes region is setting us back to more winter-like weather.

Scattered showers stay steady through the afternoon. More widespread coverage of rain showers will move in for this evening. Rain will stay steady throughout tonight with scattered showers lasting into Tuesday morning.

Temperatures to start the week are struggling to get any warmer. We’re in the mid 40s by Monday afternoon. That puts us well below average. Typically, temperatures this cold are seen normally in February and March.

We slowly try to warm up throughout the week. Tuesday manages to reach the upper 40s, but there will still be a steady amount of scattered showers throughout the day. We won’t reach the 50s until Wednesday and there will still be some isolated, lingering showers moving through.

Our first dry and sunnier day will be on Thursday. We will push up to the lower 60s by then. We’re in store for a quicker recovery by the weekend. Temperatures continue to climb to the upper 60s and even the lower 70s by the end of the weekend. Sunshine takes a stronger hold on our skies for the weekend as well.