Columbus and Central Ohio Weather

After a chilly start, the weather moderated through the weekend with lots of sunshine, as high pressure shifts east. A southerly flow will boost afternoon readings into the mid-50s. Clouds will increase in the evening, slowing the fall in temperature, with readings dipping into the mid- to upper 30s.

Moisture streaming north ahead of a potent system in the southern Plains will bring showers during the Monday morning commute. Winds will pick up through the day in the range of 20-30 mph, and gusts between 40-50 mph.

Several rounds of showers and a few potentially gusty thunderstorms will move across Ohio through the day, with temperatures rising into the low 60s. A few storms could contain damaging winds, especially across the southern half of the state.

A trailing cold front coupled with low pressure over the southern Great Lakes will pass through in the late afternoon, taking most of the significant moisture eastward by evening, as low pressure moves from the southern Great Lakes into the Northeast.

There will be a brief cool-down on Tuesday, with clearing skies. A couple of systems will brush Ohio later in the week with cloudiness and a few showers late Wednesday, and possibly again on Friday. Colder weather will return by the weekend.


  • Tonight: Clouds increase, showers by dawn. Low 37
  • Monday: Showers, storm, windy, mild. High 61
  • Tuesday: Cloud, breezy a.m., clearing. High 50 (42)
  • Wednesday: Clouds increase, showers late. High 68 (37)
  • Thursday: Partly sunny. High 51 (38)
  • Friday: Rain, wind. High 48 (36)
  • Saturday: Snow showers, brisk. High 37 (27)
  • Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 44 (25)