Columbus and Central Ohio Weather


  • Today: Partly cloudy, isolated sprinkle, high 76
  • Tonight: Some clouds, low 54
  • Wednesday: Few clouds, high 80
  • Thursday: Warmer sunshine, high 83
  • Friday: Pleasant skies, high 82
  • Saturday: Clouds building, high 78


Good Tuesday afternoon!

We’re in store for a very similar setup through the rest of Tuesday! Temperatures will be in the mid 70s, if not slightly warmer than Monday. Skies will see a little bit more sunshine, but there is still a slight chance of seeing some rain.

A batch of rain around Chicago will move eastward towards Central Ohio throughout the day. But, as it does, it manages to lose some of its strength. By this evening, areas near Kenton and Bucyrus have a chance to see one or two showers. Most of Central Ohio will stay dry and mostly sunny throughout the day.

High pressure settles in for the second half of the week. That will give us sunnier and drier skies starting on Wednesday. As the center of that high pressure shifts over to our east, it will bring in air out of the south. That will make our temperatures start to rise. We’re in the lower 80s by Wednesday afternoon.

Temperatures are even warmer on Thursday in the lower 80s and Friday will be just as warm. Going into the weekend, temperatures level out back in the upper 70s. Sunshine starts off Saturday, but clouds will start to push back in by the end of the day. There is a late chance for an evening shower on Sunday, but stray showers will be more likely for the start of next week.