Today: Mostly cloudy, brisk. High 39

Tonight: Chance of wintry mix early, snow showers later. Low 32

Tuesday: Cold morning, mostly sunny.  High 52

Wednesday: Partly sunny, windy, chance of showers late.  High 66 (46)

Thursday: AM Rain, partly sunny. High 49 (41)


The first snowfall of the season resulted in about a half inch of accumulations in Columbus to some of the hilly areas picking up as much as a couple of inches. After another tenth of an inch of snow and some gusty winds last night this morning will feature lighter winds and dwindling if any precipitation. It’s cloudy.  It’s cold. Ambient temperatures are near freezing this morning.  A brisk westerly wind around 10-15 mph has dropped wind chills to the mid-to-upper 20s.  High temperatures will only get into the neighborhood of 40 today.

Post frontal clouds will be slow to break this morning.  Meanwhile more clouds will sneak into the region ahead of the next weather system.  This disturbance will move quickly into Central Ohio tonight.  There will be a chance of rain and snow showers tonight. It will drop to around 30 again tonight.

Tomorrow will be dry and cold in the morning. Then a warm front lifts across the area early. High temperatures will be warmer than normal with sunshine.

Wednesday will start out dry but a cold front crossing the region during the day will come with rain.  It will be the warmest day of the week. Our high temperature will be in the 60s.  Thursday and Friday highs will be in the 40s again.

Happy Monday!!