We are now within carving distance of Turkey Day Thursday! If you are doing some travel for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, you will have to pick your time correctly to miss the rain.

For the holiday week, we have a few weather systems that will impact our forecast in our area. The will approach our area late Tuesday.

This system already has parts of our area under HIGH WIND WATCHES for Wednesday for winds at 20-30, with gusts possible of 50+ mph.

The low associated with this system will be to our north, so we will not feel the coldest impacts of this system.


I expect temps to surge on Tuesday ahead of the low, and thing will remain quiet and warm on Tuesday as numbers will surge to the warmest readings of the month (since Halloween’s 64 degree high). We will see clouds increase through the day on Tuesday, with rain arriving by night on Tuesday.


If you are getting out early on Wednesday, the temperatures will be in your favor, but the winds and rain will not. Expect temps to surge to the mid/upper 50s early on Wednesday, but rain and winds will be their worst at this time.

By late day Wednesday, temps will begin to drop on the backside of this system, winds will go very gusty to breezy later, with drying conditions. Late Wednesday will be better than early for driving.


If you do your travel close to home for Thanksgiving, or you are hosting, expect travel conditions to be fine all day Thursday. Temps might be on the cool side in the morning near freezing, but will climb to the middle 40s on mixed clouds kind of day. No matter when you travel, things are looking dry.


The big shopping day will start off seasonal with temps near freezing at their coldest, and will climb to the middle 40s during the day. We will be between weather systems as another wet weather maker will be approaching our area increasing clouds Friday late. Friday night I expect to see rain returning.


Have indoor plans Saturday? Great! It looks to be a washout across the region. A low to our west will be digging into the area, with a warm front draped across the state. To the north, temps will only reach into the 40s, to the south we will be in the 50s to near 60. The whole area will be wet.

In fact, if you are travelling to the state up north for the big game, expect snow showers early up there, and it will be changing over to rain. If you have a good seat to watch at home, you might be better off (and a lot drier).


If you are planning your return trip over the weekend, if you can hold off, Sunday might be the better of the two weekend days. The weather system will continue to push off to the east on Sunday, still giving us rain showers, but not as much by Sunday. These chances should fade as we head through the day as the cold front works east.

Weather looks to be the best (rain wise) later on Sunday. Sunday evening showers should end to the east as colder air works in for the 1st Monday of December!!!







This is a very active weather forecast for the holiday, with two big weather systems covering much of the northern half of the country between now and Sunday. This will continue to cause issues across the nation.

Storm Team 4 will continue to monitor the forecast locally! Do not forget to download the Storm Team 4 Weather app (search nbc4 wx in the app store). You can customize multiple locations, and get hour by hour forecasts, alerts, and LIVE VIPIR RADAR no matter where you are travelling this holiday.

Please have a safe and fun Thanksgiving Holiday, and the entire holiday weekend as well!