The first day of Spring brings high hopes and wild weather

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Spring officially starts right before 6pm on Wednesday they 20th (I do not know which day you will be reading this).

Spring does not always fall on the 20th, sometimes it falls on the 21st, and like next year, it occasionally starts on the 19th as well.  Since the date is not consistently falling one date, the hunt for all the data took some time, so I limited it to 1900 to the current.

What to expect on the first day of Spring:

In one word, anything 🙂

We have had highs in the 80s, highs in the 20s, lows in the 60s and lows in teens.

The warmest afternoon was not too long ago back in 2012 at 84 degrees.  The coldest temp recorded was way back in 1906 at 15 degrees, but we had several days with lows in the teens.

The coldest afternoon high happened back in 1965 when we only climbed into the middle 20s for a high!  The warmest low was back in 1921 when it only bottomed out at 63 degrees.

Snow is not uncommon on the first day of Spring!

That is right, 16 times we have had measurable snowfall, and 11 additional days have had flurries reported.  That means 27 total days out of 119, or about 23% of the time we have flurries or more on the first full day of Spring.

The heaviest snowfall dropped 23 years ago back in 1996 with 3.9″ of snow!!!

Rainfall is common on the first day of Spring too

65 of the 119 days have had precipitation, if you take out the days that snow has dropped, we still had an additional 39 days of measurable rainfall, and an added 9 days of drizzle.

Twice we have picked up more than an inch of rain on the first day of Spring.  Once, back in 1984 we picked up 1.6″ of rainfall.

Below is a full list of the weather for the first day of Spring

Highs, lows, rain, and snowfall amounts for each year:

 date highlow rainsnow
190020-Mar 36250.010.1
190121-Mar 35280.020.3
190221-Mar 5530  
190321-Mar 5036t 
190420-Mar 4732  
190521-Mar 38330.25 
190621-Mar 4115  
190721-Mar 7339  
190820-Mar 3627tt
190921-Mar 4626  
191021-Mar 6031  
191121-Mar 6836  
191220-Mar 47310.66 
191321-Mar 61280.23 
191421-Mar 3520  
191521-Mar 3930tt
191620-Mar 40220.09 
191720-Mar 58340.22 
191821-Mar 7651  
191921-Mar 55320.01 
192020-Mar 45270.010.1
192120-Mar 78630.11 
192221-Mar 31260.020.6
192321-Mar 60360.09 
192420-Mar 40270.570.2
192520-Mar 53330.03 
192621-Mar 4933  
192721-Mar 55340.25 
192820-Mar 4230tt
192920-Mar 56390.01 
193021-Mar 44250.03 
193121-Mar 5333  
193220-Mar 38240.01t
193320-Mar 60410.69 
193421-Mar 6337t 
193521-Mar 65540.01 
193620-Mar 44320.27t
193720-Mar 66370.39 
193821-Mar 7446  
193921-Mar 5226  
194020-Mar 4530t 
194120-Mar 6035  
194221-Mar 55380.21 
194321-Mar 3628  
194420-Mar 34240.020.2
194520-Mar 64470.92 
194621-Mar 7039  
194721-Mar 39340.10t
194820-Mar 7745  
194920-Mar 5022  
195020-Mar 52350.77 
195121-Mar 3224tt
195220-Mar 6634  
195320-Mar 5729  
195420-Mar 48290.06t
195521-Mar 64481.03 
195620-Mar 3916  
195720-Mar 39320.010.1
195820-Mar 43300.010.2
195921-Mar 52230.02 
196020-Mar 37240.030.6
196120-Mar 5630  
196220-Mar 56340.02 
196321-Mar 3127tt
196420-Mar 43330.08 
196520-Mar 26160.020.2
196620-Mar 4933  
196721-Mar 44340.18t
196820-Mar 65520.40 
196920-Mar 72430.06 
197020-Mar 48360.04 
197121-Mar 5425  
197220-Mar 6135  
197320-Mar 4326  
197420-Mar 51280.02 
197521-Mar 6936  
197620-Mar 71510.52 
197720-Mar 44320.16 
197820-Mar 6324t 
197921-Mar 7040  
198020-Mar 57430.05 
198120-Mar 38260.010.2
198220-Mar 53380.25 
198320-Mar 43340.07 
198420-Mar 63431.60 
198520-Mar 59340.01 
198620-Mar 35170.010.1
198720-Mar 5827  
198820-Mar 37240.070.7
198920-Mar 41310.691.5
199020-Mar 4023tt
199120-Mar 6132t 
199220-Mar 45230.06 
199320-Mar 42350.23 
199420-Mar 5925t 
199520-Mar 76440.23 
199620-Mar 38290.503.9
199720-Mar 5237  
199820-Mar 49360.32 
199920-Mar 5425  
200020-Mar 49450.80 
200120-Mar 5636t 
200220-Mar 47390.40 
200320-Mar 69480.04 
200420-Mar 70350.21 
200520-Mar 4336t 
200620-Mar 4028  
200720-Mar 5037  
200820-Mar 4933  
200920-Mar 4528  
201020-Mar 6940  
201120-Mar 6236  
201220-Mar 8459  
201320-Mar 3823  
201420-Mar 4835t 
201520-Mar 47360.14 
201620-Mar 4429  
201720-Mar 47310.30 
201820-Mar 42330.190.5
201920-Mar 54320.04 
 average 5233  

If you have any questions about the first day of Spring, climate, or any other weather, email me,


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