Temps in 40s to make August return to our area this week

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Here comes Autumn!  Well briefly, but a cold front that will work through the state on Tuesday is going to bring some much cooler and drier weather for the midweek.

In fact, our readings are going to drop almost ten degrees below normal for Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night.  This is going to set up Thursday to be the coldest morning since June 7th.

While these seem to be very cold readings, these in fact will be no where near the records for the date (August 23rd).  In fact, in Columbus the record for the date was set at 46 degrees.

The normal area-wide is still in the low to mid 60s, so these readings will be running roughly 8-14 degrees below normal to start the day.

It will not be all bad though, because in the afternoons on Wednesday & Thursday, that Summer sun, and the dry air, should allow temps to climb to the mid to upper 70s both days.  Cool, yes, but comfortably cool!

Record lows are getting colder

Today, August 20th, is the last day of the year, where our record low temperature is at 50 degrees or above.  After this date, any record is in the 40s or lower, and in fact we even hit 39 once in August (29th, 1965).

In the last 4 years, we have been in the mid 50s or cooler on or before the 23rd every single year in Columbus with cooler readings outside the city.  So while it seems odd to be this cool with a whole month left of summer, it is not at all!  In fact, we are hitting this cool spell a bit later than the last few years.

Fall-like chill will not last long at all….

In fact, Summer does not get pushed around long, temps will be back in the 80s within a day to two, and possible mid to upper 80s by the end of the weekend and into next week.

Below is the 6-10 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, and it is clear that much of the east will experience a warmer to much warmer than normal week next week.  That would translate into mid to upper 80s for highs, and mid 60s to near 70 for lows next week.

Our friends to the west could get hit the hardest with heat with 90s for highs as early as next Monday.

For us it does appear that this above normal trend could continue all the way into the Labor Day weekend as well.  Below is the 8-14 day outlook from teh CPC, and it shows a continuation of the warmer than normal temperatures.

Remember last year at the start of September, we had a remnant Hurricane Harvey  moving over our area dumping rain, and bringing cool temps.  We had highs on the 1st/2nd of September of only 62 and 61 degrees.  It was great football weather for early in the high school football season.

Enjoy the early taste while you can get it, open the windows and enjoy the break on the a/c bill.  Although if you are allergic to ragweed, you might want to keep the windows closed as ragweed numbers are cruising up, up, up!

If you have any questions about cold spells, climate, or any other weather, email me, dmazza@wcmh.com


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