Sunsets are now before 8pm for more than 200 days

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Sad to say, but we are now entering the time of the year where we are losing sunlight faster and faster. In fact, as of today, sunset is before 8pm, and will not be back at 8pm until early April. This is in 214 days from now!

Below is a chart showing our sunrise and sunset times for an entire year, starting today through 9/4 of next year. The orange line is the sunset time, the yellow line is the sunrise time.

You will notice the sharp dips in early November, that is due to the “fall back” and gain of an hour. You will notice in early March the sharp spike, that is from the “spring forward” and loss of an hour.

YOu will notice our latest sunrise actually occurs right before the time change in early November, when for a few days our sunrise happens after 8am in the morning. Then when we fall back an hour, the latest sunrise after is in the late 7am hour.

This spike of late sunrises does occur in early March after the time change again, and then the earliest sunrises of the year occur in most of June, just after 6am.

The sunset times will continue to be earlier and earlier until the start of December when the sunset time will be at 5:07pm. This means we still are going to lose about another 2hrs and 52 minutes at night, one hour of that however is due to the falling back of the hour in early November.

It will not be until the first week of April that the sunset will return to 8pm or late. It will peak in late June & early July around 9:05pm.

Equal sun and equal nights occur later this month on September 26th, when the sunrise and sunset will occur at 7:23am and 7:23pm. We will have more darkness than sunlight until March 17th when sunrise/sunset will be at 7:41am to 7:41pm

For a full listing of times for sunrises and sunsets:

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