Perseid Meteor Shower peak with added bonus this year

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Each August one of the best shows in the sky comes directly to you.  But we need good weather to see the show in the sky.  This year’s show might be even better than those in the past.

Why will this be such a good show this year?

One of the big things that could ruin a good meteor shower is a very bright full moon.  This year, when the peak hits for the Perseids the moon will have set and will be new to a very tiny crescent.  

The moon is officially new, meaning the darkest it will be on Saturday, August 11th.  Also, the moon will be setting each night early, getting rid of additional light it could contaminate the sky with.

The other BIG factor in a good view….

The weather!  Right now a lot can change in the next 7-9 days, but at this point it does appear that high pressure will start to build back in from the north late next week.  

This would be great news for clearing skies for next weekend, and potentially bring in drier air as well, which would make the air “cleaner” for viewing Saturday & Sunday night.

We will have to keep a close eye on the forecast over the next week.

How to view this show.

All you have to do is find a good spot away from the city lights if possible.  The darker the spot, the better.  You want to have a good view of the sky as well, you basically have to just look up.

Also, it is important to know, it will take some time possibly to see the meteors.  So you need to give yourself plenty of time.

You want to make sure to head outside early, 20-30 minutes and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark night sky.  It sounds silly, but think about how in the middle of the night, you can see well in the dark.  Or when you walk out of the matinee and its so bright outside its hard to see.  So let your eyes adjust!

What you will see….

So the Perseid Meteors are visible now.  Typically from the 3rd week of July to late August the Perseids are visible, with the peak occurring late next week.

The best night to view the show will be next Sunday night the 12th, when 60-70 meteors could be viewed per hour in the sky.   Also, early that night before 11pm Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the sky.  Mars & Saturn will be in the sky later, after midnight.

In the peak of the best Perseid shows 150-200 meteors per hour have been visible, or about every 18-20 seconds!!!!

If you have question about what you see in the sky, or any weather questions on Earth, email me,


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