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COLUMBUS (WCMH) – We ended the month of November on a cool, frosty note, blazing full steam ahead to a nice opening weekend to December with highs expected in the 50s.  Thanks to a quick start, and a warm finish, November of 2017 will go down in the books as an almost normal month.Temperatures first… it was the 54th warmest November on record in Columbus.

With an average temperatures (highs+lows/2) of 43.6, we finished the month 0.8 degrees below the normal for the month of November.  It was our first month with a below normal average temperature since August (-1.5).

In fact, November as expected was our 4th coolest month so far, but it was close, as March was only 0.5 degrees cooler, and February (a typically very cold month) was only 1.4 degrees colder.

  • 17 days were below normal
  • 1 day was exactly normal
  • 12 days were above normal
  • (3 days in total were within 1 degree of normal)
  • 2 days had temperatures 10 or more degrees below normal (10th, 11th)
  • 3 days had temperatures 10 or more degrees above normal (2nd, 5th, 28th)
  • Our largest negative departure from normal was on the 10th, at -17 (high 35, low 24)
  • Our largest positive departure from normal was on the 5th, at +19 (high 73, low 60)
  • Our warmest temperature was 73 (on the 5th)
  • Our coldest temperature was 21 (on the 11th)
  • 12 of the 30 days had freezing or below temperatures
  • Highs in the 70s: 1 time
  • Highs in the 60s: 6 times
  • Highs in the 50s: 10 times
  • Highs in the 40s: 10 times
  • Highs in the 30s: 3 times
  • Lows in the 60s: 1 time
  • Lows in the 50s: 1 time
  • Lows in the 40s: 4 times
  • Lows in the 30s: 17 times
  • Lows in the 20s: 7 times

We also set exactly 0 records for temperatures in the month of November 2017.Precipitation… it was the 14th wettest November on record in Columbus.

With 4.67″ of rainfall in the month of November, we were 1.47″ above our normal for the month.  We also had our 2nd straight month of wetter than normal conditions.

  • We reported thunder 3 times during the month
  • We reported snow flurries (trace, not measurable) 1 time
  • Days with measurable (0.01″ or greater) rain: 12
  • Days with 1/10″ of rain or more: 7
  • Days with 1/4″ of rain or more: 5
  • Days with 1/2″ of rain or more: 4
  • Days with 3/4″ of rain or more: 3
  • Days with 1″ or more of rain: 1
  • Highest daily rainfall: 1.72″ (5th)
  • Daily record rainfall on November 5th

In addition to having the wettest November 5th on record, that was also the 10th wettest day in the month of November on record in Columbus.  Click here to read more

We also had almost a dozen tornadoes (read more about the tornadoes here) reported in the state on the 5th of November as a powerful front ripped through the state, bringing an 11 day below normal streak to our area.

Starting December, we are 8.51″ above normal for precipitation for the year, and more than 10″ higher than at the same time last year.

If you have any questions about November weather, climate, or any other weather questions, email me,


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