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Hurricane Chris could threaten Iceland this weekend

Chris is weakening and picking up forward speed

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - As of the Wednesday evening update, Hurricane Chris is really starting to move, to the northeast at 25 miles per hour.  This quick movement, and not as favorable environment is starting to weaken Chris.

The good news for the US coast, is that we are seeing the storm moving away from the US coast.

It is still kicking up the seas offshore with waves well in excess of 25 feet!

But for our friends to the north in Newfoundland in Canada, and Iceland, they might be dealing with gusty winds and rough seas over the next 4 days.

Chris could hit Newfoundland with strong tropical storm force winds of 70 miles per hour.

By the time Chris makes its way across the cooler waters of the Atlantic, it will lose its tropical characteristics, but still clip southern Iceland by Sunday with weak tropical storm force winds.

This will make for a rough day at seas off Iceland on Sunday, but based on the quick speed, this will be gone by Monday morning.

Beryl, or what is left of her, could still be a thing.

This remnant low actually does appear that it might gain some strength and become a tropical storm again before the weekend, and then get quickly moved back out to sea.


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