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So far this year, we have have not had a lot of what you would call warm weather around here.  In fact, today is only the 14th day so far this year, where the high temperature has topped 60.

Number of days in the 60s or better:

  • January 2 days
  • February 7 days
  • March 2 days
  • April 3 days (including today, April 11th)

Top 2, 3, & 4th warmest afternoons on the way this week!

So far, as hard as it is to believe, we have only topped in the 70s once this entire year, but we could do it three straight days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).  The last time we had a streak that long was in late October of last year, the 19th-22nd were all in the 70s.

So far the top warmest days of this year have all occurred in our warm 2nd half of February.

  1. 77°  February 20th
  2. 69°  February 19th
  3. 68°  February 21st
  4. 66°  February 15th
  5. 63°  February 23rd
  6. 63°  February 28th
  7. 62°  April 3rd
  8. 62°  April 4th
  9. 61°  March 19th
  10. 61°  March 29th
  11. 60°  January 11th
  12. 60°  January 22nd
  13. 60°  February 25th

I did not list today’s high as we are still active right now, at 62°, but may tick up a degree into the top 5.  What is incredible, out of the 14 times we have been above 60, only 4 times did it happen in spring, and the other 10 times this year was in the winter.

A sharp weekend cold front will bring a return of the chilly weather, & maybe a few snow flakes too!

Highs should push into the lower 70s on Thursday on the back of a strong southwesterly wind on Thursday afternoon.  This will give us our 2nd day in the 70s this year.

On Friday the winds will not be quite as strong, but with a much warmer start in the middle 50s, we should have no problem pushing into the middle to upper 70s in spots, challenging our warmest day of the year (though I think we fall just shy in Columbus).

Saturday should be able to get back into the lower 70s as well, due to a very warm start near 60 in the morning, but we will see more clouds and a few afternoon pop-ups ahead of the cold front which will arrive early on Sunday.

Some model data is hinting at a chance of snow showers as well on Monday on the backside of this cold front and associated low.  A few things to note about this, first off, the surface temperatures are going to be VERY warm, considering we will have had our last freezing temperatures (for an hour or two) around midnight Wednesday morning.

So by the time Monday rolls around, the ground should have had temps above freezing for at least 120 hours, with plenty of sunshine, and temps in the 50s, 60s, and 70s for most of that 120 hour period. 

On top of that, temperatures Monday morning, while chilly, will be ABOVE freezing as well. 

SO…. what I am saying is that I would not expect accumulations or issues due to snow at this time Monday morning.  Anything that does fall will melt on contact with road surfaces.

How strange is it to have snow as late as April 16th?

Not at all!  I would not consider it to be normal, but it does happen.  In fact when you are talking about measurable snowfall (0.1″) since 1931 our average last day is March 30th, but has happened as late as May 7th (1989).  The earliest last measurable snowfall was February 16th (1997).

The past 4 years we have had our last measurable snow on:

  • 3/17/17
  • 4/9/16
  • 3/23/15
  • 4/15/14

When do we typically see our 1st 80 degree day?

This is usually right around the corner.  Our average first day of 80 degree heat occurs around April 19th.  However, the earliest this has happened was 3-8-1974, and the latest first date was 5-27-1967!

If you ever have questions about climate, seasonal data, or any other weather, email me, dmazza@wcmh.com


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