What a difference a month can make in Ohio!  April was the 13th coldest on record here in Columbus with temperatures struggling the entire month.  

It was not until the end of the month that we finally saw some decent weather, and even then temperatures were still running a few degrees below normal.  Fast forward to the current month and we are riding a 23 day winning streak now!

Yes, EVERY day this month has been above normal for temps!

As incredible a feat as this seems, we are going to go the entire month with above normal temperatures for the average each day.  Right now that streak rests comfortably at 23 straight days, and should easily continue the rest of the month.

Our consistently warm temps have been part of the reason we are going to shatter the old record.  We have had only 2 record temperatures this month, and both of them were the warmest low temperatures for the date.

As of now, we have not cracked 90 yet, but our day to day above normal temps have really helped!

We are pacing nicely for the record, but still have 8 days left

Above is a chart showing the rolling average temperatures for this year (green), the old record in 1991 (red), and the rolling average (yellow) for the month of May.

We clearly got a nice jump with a warm start to the month, but after the 8th day of the month, we have really seen no slow down in our temps.  It is almost like we are fast forwarded a month or so with our temps staying consistently above normal throughout the month.

Also, it is important to notice that in 1991, we had a heck of a warm close to the end of May with 90s and upper 80s peppered all over the last week.  Even many lows were in the lower 70s as well.

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