The last home game of the season for the Buckeyes is should be the best game so far, but if you are planning on attending the pre-game and/or the game itself, you better be prepared!

What we are watching:

Two main things will drive the forecast for Saturday, first off the colder airmass moving into our area for Friday and Friday night. The next thing will be a weather maker that will be moving up towards our backyards on Saturday from the southwest.

With not a lot of cloud cover to start the night on Friday, temps will fall quickly. Below is a look at the overnight lows on Friday.

On Saturday morning we will be watching a system from the southwest making its way up into our area. Initially, we will have a rather dry airmass to overcome, so this may greatly reduce the amount of moisture we see in the morning actually hitting the ground.

You will notice on the front side of this system, the amount of moisture that will actually hit the ground Saturday morning will be very light. I do expect that this will be as temps warm back into the middle 30s.

What we do see as this system initially brings moisture is light snow flurries to snow showers, most of which will not accumulate as it will be very light. It will also be in a narrow time window from the mid-morning to later morning hours.

As the low moves closer the atmosphere will get a bit more moist, so the confidence of seeing precipitation hitting the ground will increase towards midday Saturday around kickoff for the Buckeyes game.

Winds will not be a huge issue on Saturday, as they will generally be under 10 miles per hour, but will be enough to keep wind chills in the 30s on Saturday during the game.

Overall, if you are attending the game on Saturday, or the pre and post game celebrations, you need to bundle up in layers with a waterproof layer on the outside to keep you dry.

If you have questions about the gameday forecast, or any other weather questions, email me,