Air Quality Alert Day Tuesday for Central Ohio

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Just in time for our first real warm-up of the year, with near 80 degree heat expected for the next three days, we have our first Air Quality Alert Day of the year for Central Ohio.

What is happening to cause the Air Quality Alert Day?

A combination weather conditions are going to make the air we breathe not great.  We will see plenty of sunshine again on Tuesday, not a whole lot of mixing of the air at the ground and above us, and we are going to see a bit of a southwesterly flow (from our friends in the Queen City).  This will all combine for an enhanced production of Ozone on Tuesday.

While the conditions will not be horrible on Tuesday, they will not be ideal either.  The AQI forecast number for Tuesday is just barely into the “Unhealthy” range at 101.

How we can all help

We can try to reduce the production of emissions on Tuesday.  We can refuel our cars outside of the hours of the peak sunlight when ozone production can increase. 

Also, carpooling is always a good idea to get the number of vehicles producing emissions off the roads.  If you are looking for good carpooling/ridesharing try

Even better is to walk or ride a bike to work, or you can ride the bus, which is the ultimate carpooling.  Plus many of the fleet of COTA are better at not producing emissions as well.

Will it be bad all week since it will be warm?

In short, nope!  The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission expects that this will be the only Air Quality Alert Day as changing weather patterns will decrease ozone levels later this week.

Remember to be a good neighbor and do what you can to help reduce the total amount of ozone produced if you can.  

For more valuable information on our local air quality, you can visit: MORPC Air Quality Website (click here for site)

If you have any questions about air quality, climate, or any other weather, you can always email me at


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