90 degree days stacking up this year

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Today was the 3rd straight day that we have had 90-degree heat in Central Ohio.  This brings our total number of days up to 17 days now.

Compared to last year, we are already ahead of 2017.  In fact as of this date last year, we only had 7 days with 90-degree heat at this point.

Last year we had 7 days with 90 degrees after the 6th of August.

  • August 21st  90°
  • September 21st  90°
  • September 23rd  91°
  • September 24th  91°
  • September 25th  91°
  • September 26th  92°
  • September 27th  92°

Our average number of 90 degree days for the year is 20 days.  We were running above normal for May, we were slightly below normal in June, but are already running above normal in August.

We only need 3 more days in the 90s for the next 7-8 weeks and we will hit our average.  I think it is very very safe to say, we will not be breaking, or tying the record of 49 days in 1955.

Even if we somehow had a record number of 90 degree days in each month (August, September, and October) we would still fall short of the record.  This assumes an 18/13/3 number of days.

Bottom line, I think we will at least get our average of 20, considering we are just finishing the 1st week of August, and have plenty of weeks of heat through late September left.

If you have questions about climate, hot temps, or any other weather, email me, dmazza@wcmh.com


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