COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Congresswoman Joyce Beatty stopped by the mural in her honor, which is located across the street from the Ohio Statehouse.

The mural, on a piece of plywood, was painted by Hilary Frambes. It includes the words ‘We will not be silenced – We will not be ignored – We will persevere #JUSTICEFORALL.’

“I was so humbled and it was such an honor, so today I came to stand with Hilary who is the incredible artist that did this,” Beatty said in an exclusive interview with NBC4.

The congresswoman also met with several of the demonstrators who gathered for a 14th day outside the Ohio Statehouse.

“I am not surprised to see people out here,” Beatty said. “People are expressing their pain, their frustration, but more importantly they are expressing their voice of not being silenced and wanting change.”

Beatty is expected to return to Washington D.C., where she and the rest of Congress will take on several issues pertaining to race relations in America.

“We will change things in Congress,” she said. “We will see legislation that will pass and it will make a difference. We will be leaving a great legacy for my grandchildren and those yet unborn.”