DELAWARE, Ohio (WCMH) — U.S. 23 is the most dangerous road in Delaware County, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

During May, there were three fatal crashes in just 10 days. All three were due to driver error. However, it’s still an area of concern for the agency that builds and maintains Ohio’s roadways, and they’re asking for the public’s input on how to reduce congestion.

It’s been suggested that a limited access highway rather than one with 40+ traffic signals be built from Interstate 270 through Delaware County to Marion, but the Ohio Department of Transportation’s research shows that isn’t the route to go.

“It would cost four times more than the benefits anyone would see,” said ODOT spokesperson Brooke Ebersole.

Not just monetarily, Ebersole explained, but physically as well.

“It would impact communities and neighborhoods and farmland significantly,” she said. “And that’s always something we consider: environmental and community impacts.”

So what can be done?

“We’re changing gears and shifting on some stand-alone projects that will still ease congestion and increase safety. That might include things like introducing r-cuts (restricted crossing U-turns), introducing some median walls to prohibit left turns in and off of U.S. 23,” Ebersole said. “It could include a myriad of things, so now, as we move forward into the next phase (we’re seeking) public feedback, that will help form our action plan as we move forward.”

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