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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — An Upper Arlington boy went viral again this weekend on Buckeye Gameday.

The parents of an Upper Arlington boy named Landon wanted their son’s viral Gameday moment in Ann Arbor to happen again. The donations from the viral moment got them in genetic studies producing very promising results. What a difference a year makes, and the McChesney’s couldn’t wait to tell me more.

Six-year-old Landon went viral last week for the Ohio State’s season opener against Notre Dame. Since the McChesney family first put Landon in the spotlight a year ago, the six-year-old is doing things he’s never done before.

“It feels like the last mile of a marathon for him because his muscle tone isn’t typical for someone his age but he mentally commits and its amazing,” said Landon’s father, Michael McChesney.

A specialized therapy session in Canada just a few weeks ago helped Landon stand and step on his own for the first time ever. Landon has a TBCD gene mutation that keeps him from walking and talking. He’s already lived two years past doctors predictions.

The first Gameday donations got them into a pair of studies, one in California which yielded eight potential viable options. The other in Columbus, at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which has perfectly mimicked the disorder. They now hope they can correct muscle development, or neuron connections in the brain that leads to a step or a sentence.

“I get messages from mom’s with all disorders so the big picture is to help everyone and a lot of this can be applied to other disorders not just Landon’s,” said his mother.