GRANVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Kevin Mercer lives in Pittsburgh, but works in Granville, Ohio. He never went to college, but once he found Denison University, he simply couldn’t leave.

“We have over 100 hanging baskets on campus,” Mercer said as he drives around campus on a golf cart. He’s the grounds and landscape manager at Denison University.

All this helped Denison win the Professional Grounds Management Society 2022 Grand Award for best small college landscaping. Mercer turned things around when he took the job five years ago.

“Being humble, being smart, being hungry,” he said. “If you have those three things, sky’s the limit.”

Mercer knows a lot about college life. His wife is the vice president of Human Resources at a community college near Pittsburgh. He drives there on the weekends to see his wife. Monday through Friday, this college is home.