CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Twenty-five miles south of Columbus, Circleville, Ohio is observing Pumpkin Week, with 400,000 people expected to visit for the festivities.

For the 115th Circleville Pumpkin Show, the art students at Circleville High School wrote a book to let people know more about the man, the myth, and the message behind Dr. Pumpkin.

Bob Liggett, a retired ophthalmologist in Circleville, is known as Dr. Pumpkin in the halls of the school.

“We just wanted to pick a gender-neutral name and Parker was the one we landed on,” said Circleville High senior Carley Hinton about the book, Parker the Perfect Pumpkin.

It just so happens that Liggett has a grandson named Parker.

“What a coincidence,” Liggett said. “Good fortune.”

Liggett still holds the Circleville Pumpkin Show record for a 1,964-pound gourd he grew on his farm.

The juniors and seniors from Mrs. Grady and Ms. Lombardo’s art and media classes visited Liggett’s farm last year, documenting everything from the process to the people there, including Liggett’s granddaughter Bella.

“My granddaughter Bella wants to be just like me, yes,” Dr. Liggett reads.

Like a good gourd, it takes time to grow the perfect book. Parker the Perfect Pumpkin is a year in the making.

“A piece of everyone’s ideas so we could all come together and make this book not just from one person but as a group thing,” said Circleville senior Halle Harris.

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