CANAL WINCHESTER, Ohio (WCMH) – Almost all of the cancer funding in America goes to adults, and for one 15-year-old from Sunbury, in the midst of her cancer battle, that doesn’t make sense.

In the last six years, 77 new drugs have been developed to fight adult cancer, according to

Conversely, in the last 77 years, three new drugs have been developed for children fighting the same disease, mainly because pediatric cancer receives only 4% of national research funding.

This makes Ally Anderson mad, and she’s dying for a change.

“I don’t know an escape from reality, sort of,” said Ally Anderson. Her reality since she was 11 years old is fighting cancer. “Fifty-two weeks of chemo, 30 days of radiation, and then after that, I thought I was done.”

But that was just the beginning.

“I’ve relapsed twice, two times,” said Anderson, who has had three surgeries in the last five months. “It gets tiring.”

Anderson has developed quite a following on Instagram, and her push for #morethan4 is aimed at the lack of pediatric cancer funding.