COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — For many families who don’t live in Columbus, Nationwide Children’s Hospital can be the last hope to save their child’s life.

Such is the case for the Kachur family in Findlay. 18-month-old Crosby Kachur has a feeding tube running through his nose for the foreseeable future. He recently had a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare immune disorder than affects 100 people. Even Crosby’s brother Caleb had a transplant four years before Crosby from the same disorder.

If it hadn’t been for an apartment in downtown Columbus called Halle’s Home, all hope may have been lost for the Kachur family. Halle’s Home is a block away from Nationwide Children’s at The Arbor and serves as a home away from home for families dealing with cancer with no charge. The Kachur’s have been there for seven months.

Halle’s widower Alec Temple started the Share Your Story Foundation to create these homes with no finish line in sight for the future. “It gives me a piece of Halle for as long as we’re gonna do this,” said Temple. “She’d be ecstatic.”

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