HILLIARD, Ohio (WCMH) — Kassie McCue became the first female in Hilliard football history, at any level, to make an interception after picking off a pass against Hilliard Memorial last week.

That moment was undoubtedly historic but McCue is just another kid who loves football.

“I don’t know I just really clicked with football,” Kassie said.

McCue started playing flag football at six years old and is now in her first year playing tackle football as Weaver’s starting safety.

“When I first started playing, I was not very good,” Kassie said. “But I worked toward getting better and now I’m on the 7th grade team.”

And she’s on the team thanks to encouragement from her parents, mark and Kelly McCue.

“It’s been her dream to play tackle football for the last three to four years. She’s talked about wanting to do this for awhile,” Mark McCue said.

Now she’s doing it and doing it in a big way.

“I saw the ball was short from where the guy was and I saw it was coming toward me, so I ran up to make a play on it,” Kassie said about the interception. “I was like ‘Oh I just caught it. I got to go! I got to run! Maybe I can take it back and score.”

But instead Kassie got hit hard along the sideline.

“The adrenaline from the interception helped. It happened so fast that I don’t even know I just got back up,” she said.

That toughness is something 7th grade coach Patrick Baker has seen consistently from Kassie.

“I tell ya she has grit,” Baker said. “She works hard, she likes to get after it. She’s not afraid to pop anybody or hit anybody and at the same time she’s not afraid to take hits.”

That makes Mark and Kelly nervous just like any parent would be.

“It’s tough. It’s a violent sport,” Mark said. “These kids get so big so fast but she’s wanted to do it. She’s put the hard work in, so we’re excited for her to kind of let her follow a passion she’s had for the sport.”

“I hope to play for as long as I can and just have fun with it,” Kassie said.