GALLOWAY, OH (WCMH)– The Westland Cougars marching band takes their audience on a journey at halftime.

The Courgars’ show is called “The Maze.”

“Movement one is basically lost in the maze. It’s just kind of getting the feel of it. It’s very angsty and mysterious. Movement two is very sad. You’re lost in the maze. There’s no hope, and then, movement three … it’s upbeat and jazzy,” explained Westland color guard captain Brynn Rensing.

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Rensing added that the band has “come really far in the past couple of years.”

You can see it on the field. Every single person in this band cares so much about our show and so much about the program in general and puts their 100% heart and soul into it.

Brynn Rensing, WHS color guard captain

The band is excited to show off their skills to all of Central Ohio.

“When people think of the west side, you think of it as typically a worse area, very ghetto, whatever, and when you hear ‘oh yeah that’s a band from the west side’ you think, ‘oh they’re not going to be very good,’ but I think that we definitely break that stereotype,” said Rensing.

In a show of sportsmanship, Westland will yield the field to the Upper Arlington band before the Cougars perform. You can watch both performances in the video posted above.