Man’s Best Friend proved in a MLB spring training game that you do not need a baseball glove in order to snag a home run ball.

In Saturday’s matchup between the Royals and the Dodgers a dog in the outfield grass area made the catch of the 2023 spring training.

Leading off the bottom of the seventh inning, Dodgers second baseman Michael Busch sent a Taylor Clarke offering over the left field wall. As fans scrambled for the ball, the K-9 trained pup patiently waited for the ball to bounce in his direction.

While fans feverishly tried to gather in the Busch blast, the canine simply gathered the loose ball in his mouth.

It’s not the first time that a pup has found itself making a highlight-reel play in a ballpark. In October of last season, a dog also came away with Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor’s 26th home run of the season in the upper deck of Citi Field.

In the end, this just proves that the game of fetch will always remain undefeated.