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Boxer Jake Paul is set to fight Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia on February 27, and as such, the former YouTube star is making the rounds on the interview circuit ahead of the fight.

This week, Paul joined media personality Bomani Jones on HBO’s Game Theory to discuss the fight. Jones asked a question about what Paul were to do if he ever the bout with Fury, which clearly irked Paul. As such, the interview went south fast.

“After Tommy Fury, where do you go from there?” Jones asked. “What happens if you lose one of these fights?”

“I don’t plan on losing,” Paul said. “I don’t train to lose. I feel like that’s probably your mindset. A lot of people try to project their mindsets onto me.”

Jones interjected quickly.

“I’m not [trying to project]. My question is this works because we’re all surprised that you keep winning these fights, right? But if somebody does beat you, how much interest stays in this when it stops being a surprise?”

Paul didn’t take kindly.

“They won’t. And I’m gonna be honest, bro? I don’t know who the f--- you are. My PR team set up this interview.”

“Dude, all I know about you is that people don’t like you,” Jones fired back.

Jones has worked in sports media for years, primarily at ESPN, before starting the HBO show in 2022. 

Paul upheld his reputation of being a fiery personality, and it should only add more motivation for him if he believes he’s being slighted going into the late February fight.