COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Special Olympics Ohio will host its summer games June 23-25 at The Ohio State University, but first the organization puts on its local spring qualifiers.

The South Central regional qualifier went down Saturday at Whetstone High School where hundreds of athletes gathered to compete and have fun. Local athletes competed in five events: tennis, track and field, bocce ball, volleyball and powerlifting. It was all made possible by volunteers as well as a collaboration between Columbus City Schools and Special Olympics Ohio.

You can watch some of the action in the video player above.

“I mean to be honest I don’t know how it gets pulled off,” said John Dean, director of labor management and employee relations at Columbus City Schools. “This is a very large event. There are clearly some very dedicated volunteer leaders and organizations that support this and it makes it easy for us to step in and really just carry out what this event is all about and that’s honoring and respecting our athletes here.”