DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH) — The grounds team at the Muirfield Village Golf Course has made changes to the 16th and 17th holes since last year’s Memorial Tournament.

The tee box on the par-three 16th hole went back to the right and is 20 yards in length, meaning it’s approximately 220 yards to the middle of the green. Meanwhile, the 17th hole tee box is also now 20 yards making the hole 503 yards.

You can see what the holes look like from an aerial view in the video player above.

2022 Memorial Tournament winner Billy Horschel said he’s “not the biggest fan” of the changes to the 16th hole but doesn’t mind the new-look 17th hole.

“16, I’m not the biggest fan of that change. I think that par-3 is better played from not the new tee box,” Horschel said. “We can go back and forth about length and if adding length is really the answer to making a course tougher, but when you look at Memorial, it’s probably some of the widest fairways we play on all year … so driving the ball isn’t overly difficult there. The difficult thing is the iron play, and something Jack [Nicklaus] was so great at.”

Jack Nicklaus’ course is now 2 years removed from a major renovation that saw new tees installed, every green rebuilt, fairways reshaped and bunkers added and removed.

“We’re starting to see the maturity of the golf course take hold and I think we’re in a better spot right now than we have been the last two years to really challenge [the golfers],” said Chad Mark, the director of grounds operation at Muirfield Village.

Mark says it typically takes three to five years for a golf course to return to the shape it was in before renovation with the biggest difference being firmer and faster greens.

“I learned that there’s a lot of instant gratification because it looks like it’s a brand new golf course, but it really takes time for it to perform the way you want it to,” Mark said. “I think we’re to the point now where the course is playing like we want it to.”